Why not have 80 odd years of happiness ?

old people2

It might seems crazy but as long as you are breathing you still have the option to feel joy – being and participating in life.

In Denmark we had for a period the discussion – how often older people living in a nursing home – should be allowed to have at bath. Twice a week or once a week – that were the options. I wonder what would happen, if I had the same discussion with my girlfriend, regarding how many times a week she would be allowed to take a bath. Giving her the option – one or two times a week –  she could have a bath; makes me believe I would have the bathroom entirely for my self at the end of the day.

At one of the nation’s largest nursing home in Denmark, the older are, with wet diapers experiencing being left alone half a day without being changed. The relatives, criticizing the conditions, are several times being threatened with not being allowed to visit the nursing homes, if they openly and honestly are criticizing conditions there are seeing there family members – as old people – have to accept and live with.

You do die from getting old, and in the old days we did have nursing homes, where old peoples being happy and having a joyful day, was highly prioritized.

How does it come, older people are being looked at, as people with without feelings and desires, – and why is so accepted in the public nursing homes?   Is it because people living at the nursing homes don’t look young and shiny, but from a production perspective of view, more look like out burned and useless.  Not bringing any value to the society anymore while being costly at our national budget.

As long as you are breathing, you still have the option to feel joy – being and participating in life.

How does it come, older people in Denmark, are being parked in a nursing home facility, almost as we want them to exit fast from life, and not enjoying a part of there life, after they for many years before, have brought value to our society.   How does it come, that in some countries you see older people being a part of the society – working – and in other ways, bringing value to our society and close family members?

I believe it’s possible to have more then 80 odd years of happiness.

This video below, does in its own commercialized way, makes me wish people living in Denmark and other countries, would give older people a chance to bring value into there life, so they feel appreciated and valuable for the people they love and have cared for – for so many years before they did grow old them self .

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup

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