Refugees … “What is going to greet them is not a welcome, and from what I have seen today they are desperate”


These people are escaping war and genocide,- and we judge them for it?

Maybe we should try to imagine the horrors they’ve had to go through to this point.

How do we know the circumstances in which these people have paid to get themselves smuggled over the borders?

Try to put yourself into these refugees shoes.

Can you imagine how desperate and helpless they must feel to leave all their possessions behind and then put there family into a position where they can’t get shelter nor feed their children.

These people are in a desperate situation.

Leaders of Europe, you need to come up with a fast and humane solution to give these refugees some safety, shelter, food and some peace into their lives again.

Winter is on its way.

These conditions can only be worse when it become cold and wet too.

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup

NB. Please share this article among your friends and family member, as it will motivate leaders in Europe to act faster with the needed help.