How does is come, that more and more insane people, are setting the agenda for how we as world citizens, shall feel and think?

An insane president, who’s believing we can obtain more peace and democracy by bombing countries back to the stone age.

Insane religious leaders, who’s believing they can have joyful citizens by forcing them to obey laws, even though they regularly are killing people with different sexual orientation than is accepted, killing people with different political or religious beliefs than is general accepted.

Enlighten and cultural diversity, has in a so called, modern society, never had such a hard time to survive and be listened to.

And insane public media, whose main focus is sensation before sincere information, that enriches one’s perspective and understanding for a conflict situation – thereby seen from more than ones allieds perspective.

I believe, what is best done for your self, is keeping focus at what make you feel alive and vibrant as a person. Herein not included, how much money you make everyday, but instead how many smiles and mental hugs and psychical hugs – you receive on a daily basis, just by being you next to other people.

Don’t try to obtain other peoples accept, just let them be who they are, while you are, what makes you feel best.

And if you don’t feel comfortable with some people, just move away. Don’t tell them how to be right, for not being wrong. Just leave them alone and they will not have any control of you. And if they want to force their control on you, reject, and leave them again.

That is practising democracy with both your brain and feet’s.

Just think about, what if people did so in Iran, in USA and even Denmark.

How does it come, that we are being told as parents, when our newborns are expected to start in children gardens, even though they are just one year old. The child is crying when you as a parent is leaving your child, so your child is reacting in a very democratic healthy way, saying by its emotional reaction – I want to be and go with you.

Think about, – what if we as grown up, had the courage to react just as authentic to our feelings on a daily basis?

Would Donald Trump be in power?

Would the religious leaders in Iran be in power?

For years we have be fighting against the axis of evil, without really understanding, what makes it – and where it originates from. It come from our inside self, and will only be able to survive inside our self, as long as we are accepting killing as mean to making more room for one self and one’s thoughts. That’s the exact moment, when you start to disrespect life in any form, for your own wellbeing and welfare. That’s the beginning of you becoming a tyran and leader of a totalitarian regime.

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup
CEO for