Why several articles concerned with the Coronavirus lacks sense of reality

Link to the article from , – Coronavirus Is No Ebola, and That Presents a Different Problem

…this article doesn’t really bring any new news to the scene. It’s just saying a virus needs a host, animal or human, for being able to spread among a lot of people.

People in good health conditions can spread a virus without having any severe symptoms them self. Nothing in that statement candidates to receive a Nobel Prize.

Why then posting this article to News and Reflections by Mostly because, the dramatic way those basic medical facts are presented for the readers, – are giving people the observation, that humanity are under severe attack from a killing machine incarnated in a virus.

People do still die from age and weakened immune system. The releasing cause, can be a cold, influenza … or someone shooting you with a gun bought without restrictions.

No states in USA are advising people to stay inside their home or away from schools or …etc, for avoiding being killed by a gunslinger.

No one are advising us, not to vote at politicians, who advocates for engaging in illegitimate wars. Yemen. Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan.

Maybe we need a vaccination towards the mental virus that easily is spread among people, when politicians use fake information, use dramatically terms for basic life situations and divide people by giving the impression, that some people are more entitled to receive our empathy and help – when obviously needed – than other people of different race or colour than one self.

That kind of a virus, infecting our ability to feel compassion, empathy and help people when they are in need, – that kind of a mental virus kills millions of people every year.

That’s the kind of a virus we really should be concerned about.

Also because, when people haven’t had a fair chance, to make a good life for them self in generations, they will develop hostility towards people enjoying their life. That kind of hateful development will kill a lot of people, when first arms and gun becomes involved.

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup
CEO for