Ottawa – Canada … are the officials or the media, violating civil rights and human rights?

… And if so, in what way?

News Regarding – the situation right now – in Canada and Ottawa

Several national and international media, are giving the impression, that the protesters are the extreme right wing. And now even backed up by Donald Trump.

Should the Freedom Truckers movement, all be the extreme right wing. And now to a higher and higher degree, being supported by local people in Ottawa, bringing them food and gasoline for their truck, so truckers can stay warm in their trucks and not being hungry.

Several national and international media, are missing something in their critical objectiveness as journalists. Namely, could there be another explanation, than what we are being told by The Canadian officials.

… One’s approach, for ensuring more objectiveness in one’s investigation, to what have caused the situation, taking place in Ottawa now, could be listening to the people supporting the trucker and listening to the truckers themself.

So today, the update from , also to be seen at our Facebook page, will have five approaches / working questions:

a) What are the locals saying about the situation?

b) What are the truckers saying about the situation?

c) What are the police officers saying about the situation, when being off duty?

d) What are the officials saying about the situation in Canada.

e) What are an international profiled media as BBC and Reuters saying about the situation?

This is how, with respect for the 5 above working questions – “a” to “e” – have decided to cover the situation and give an overview, of the events taking place right now in Ottawa – Canada.  


1: Canadian Police Officer Brian Denison is speaking out about the situation in Canada  – Feb. 9 – 2022

… “I’m making this video, to tell the police, that what is happening right now in Canada, is not right”,- quote Brian Denison.

…”I will continue to protect Canadians. And I will do it the rest of my life”, – quote Brian Denison.

…”The protesters just want to gain their freedom back. That’s not protesting, but just asking for respect for one’s constitutional freedom”, – quote Brian Denison.

…”It is time to go against unlawful orders”, – quote Brian Denison.

“Brian Denison was the first Canadian Police Officer (Calgary Police Services) to speak publicly about the illegal mandates” … quoted news from the private person Marcel Irnie (Superbike Racer, Rider Training,  Documentary Filmmaker)

2: The Freedom Convoy address to the nation – Feb. 6 – 2022

The three doctors standing in front of the Freedom Truckers, they are saying:

… “It is time we declare this pandemic over”

… “The Freedom Truckers arguments are backed up by solid science”

… “The vaccinating of children are indescribable wrong”

The trucker did afterwards say:

… “The public media is trying to bring fear and stress among us, but they are not truthful to us”

3: Members of Trudeau’s own party slam his ‘divisive’ response to ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers – Feb. 9 – 2022

Justin Trudeau is being put under pressure from his own party over his handling of COVID-19 and the ‘Freedom Convoy’ after a Liberal Party backbencher accused his party of “dividing” Canadians.

Joel Lightbound has resigned from his position as the chair of the Quebec caucus for the Liberal Party due to Justin Trudeau’s “divisive” policies.

4: Canada capital Ottawa declares state of emergency over trucker protesters – BBC News – Feb. 7 – 2022

The mayor of Canada’s capital Ottawa has declared a state of emergency in response to more than a week of truckers’ protests against Covid restrictions.

Jim Watson said the city was “completely out of control”, with demonstrators outnumbering police. He said the protests posed a threat to residents safety.

There have also been reports of racial attacks.

Ottawa’s centre has been paralysed, with vehicles and tents blocking roads.

The “Freedom Convoy” was sparked by the introduction last month of a new rule that all truckers must be vaccinated to cross the US-Canada border, but the protests have morphed into broader challenges to Covid health restrictions.

The protesters have since gathered in downtown Ottawa near Parliament Hill, and their demands have grown to include ending all such mandates nationwide, and opposing the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

5: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demands truckers to stop blocking downtown streets – Reuters – Feb. 9 – 2022

At a heated session of parliament, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denounced the truckers who blocked downtown streets of Ottawa to demand an end to federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates.


Situation summary and conclusion:

The protests began in Ottawa on January 29. Initially, they were targeting the government’s demand for corona vaccination in order to cross the country’s provincial borders and borders with the United States.

Since then, they have been extended to a more general protest against corona rules and against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Up to 500 trucks are involved in the protest action.

Trudeau says that “the protests must stop now”. The Prime Minister returned to the political debate in Parliament on Monday Feb. 7. He has been isolated for a week due to a positive coronate test.

– This pandemic has been an ordeal for all Canadians. But they know we can get through it by listening to science and by standing together, Trudeau said in a statement.

The mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, has imposed a state of emergency. He has asked federal police to send another 1,800 police officers to the capital.

At the same time, he has tried to start negotiations on an end to the “siege” of large parts of the city. Many locals are furious at the continuing stench of diesel from the trucks and the noisy car horns.

– They do not know what to do with us, says the 59-year-old truck driver and farmer John Lambert. He participates in the protests.

Convoys of trucks have also been put into protests in several other cities.

Trudeau last week ruled out deploying the army “at this time” to stop the demonstration.

… With all the above information in mind, from this summary, – the above 5 videos also seems to show that these protests, originate from more than the corona restrictions.

A long-standing need, to be heard and respected, as citizens of Canada, with opinions and wishes that goes beyond putting a cross on a voting paper at the next election, – … it seems to be an issue that needs to be addressed in the future , if no more protests are to break out in Canada.

Yours Sincerely