“The devil’s inspirational lecture and notebook, in how to gain power and control the world”

If you want to be a top politician, then much seems to point to the fact that you must be prepared to lie!

… If you want a better understanding of what is going on in Canada, if you also want to get a better understanding of the conflict game and the struggle for conflict narrative – around Ukraine, we have put together almost a lecture that will give you information and reflections from serious information providers as well as private individuals, like yourself.

The lecture consist of the main following subjects:

  1. Why leaders lie: The Truth about lying in international politics with Professor John Mearsheimer.
  2. Interview with the former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. (BBC News – 8. Nov. 2019)
  3. How the united states created Vladimir Putin – with journalism Vladimir Pozner.
  4. Russia’s Vladimir Putin had no choice than going to war. (Wion media – 22. feb. 2022)
  5. The Canadian activated Emergency Act, is that okay?
  6. Canada’s double standard on human rights is unacceptable!

Some might call this lecture – The devil’s inspiring lecture and notebook, to power and control the world – … that might be for a good reason! Even though this possibility exists we hope you enjoy the ride !


  1. Why leaders lie: The Truth about lying in international politics with Professor John Mearsheimer. (lecture from 1 March 2012 )

John Mearsheimer, professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, provides the first systematic analysis of lying as a tool of statecraft. He identifies the varieties, the reasons, and the potential costs and benefits, arguing that leaders often lie for good strategic reasons, while distinguishing between lying to another state and lying to one’s own people.

John Mearsheimer is also the co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago and has written extensively about security issues and international politics.

The World Beyond the Headlines is a project of the Center for International Studies, which brings scholars, journalists, and world leaders to the University to discuss issues of current global importance.


Primary Source / The University of Chicago / 1. mar. 2012

Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022


2. Interview with the former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev- BBC News – 8. Nov. 2019

The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that current tension between Russia and the West is putting the world in “colossal danger” due to the threat from nuclear weapons.

In an interview with the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, former President Gorbachev called for all countries to declare that nuclear weapons should be destroyed.


Primary Source / BBC News / 8. nov 2019

Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022


3. How the united states created Vladimir Putin

On September 27, 2018, Yale’s Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism hosted Vladimir Pozner, the acclaimed Russian-American journalist and broadcaster.

Pozner spoke on the impact of US foreign policy towards Russia after the Soviet Union has been disbanded, and shared his opinions on a range of issues raised by the audience, from the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, to Skripal poisoning, to the state of independent media in Russia and the US.

Primary Source / Yale University /2. okt 2018

Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022

Supplementary information:

– Journalist Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner (born 1 April 1934) is a French-born Russian-American journalist and presenter.

– He is best known in the West for his television appearances representing and explaining the views of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He was memorable as a spokesman for the Soviets in part because he grew up in the United States and speaks fluent English, Russian and French. Pozner later described his role as propaganda.

– After the Cold War, Pozner moved to the United States to work with  the American media personality Phil Donahue, before returning to Moscow to continue working as a television journalist. Since 2008, he has hosted the eponymous show Pozner on Russia’s Channel One where he interviews public figures.


4. Russia had no choice. A news broadcast from Wion media – dated 22. feb. 2022

… Russia’s actions in Ukraine have divided the world into 3 clear parts. One side supports Ukraine & slams Russia. The second supports Moscow & slams the west. The third side does not want to pick a side!

Primary Source / Wion Media / 22. feb 2022
Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022


5: The Canadian activated Emergency Act, is that okay?

… Hear people’s answers when asked this question.

Primary Source / Castanet News / 23. feb 2022
Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022


6. Canada’s double standard on human rights is unacceptable!


A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that Canada should seriously reflect on its double standard when it referred the ongoing protests in its capital as a “threat to democracy” instead of a human rights action.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was asked at the daily press briefing to comment on media reports that the Canadian police have taken actions on the ongoing protests in Ottawa where they used pepper spray and stun grenades to violently clear protesters who have been on demonstrations since late January to protest against COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, and the Canadian government has cited such protesters as “threat to democracy”.

“This is the internal affair of Canada and I have nothing to say about it. But from that, I just want to pose a question – when it comes to rioters in Hong Kong violently attacking the police and wreaking havoc on the public order in 2019, why did Canada claim it supports any human rights actions worldwide, and then slander and smear Hong Kong police officers when they tried to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law? In the eyes of some people in Canada, the same kind of protests have been ‘human rights actions’ in Hong Kong, but ‘threat to democracy’ in Canada, which is totally a double standard and unacceptable. And the Canadian side should seriously reflect on that,” said Wang.

Since late January, Canadian truckers have been rallying against the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, as the truckers were requested to be fully vaccinated for crossing the border into the United States.

After being joined by thousands of pedestrian protesters, the rally then turned into demonstrations against the government’s overall restrictive measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Primary Source / BUILT by CHINA / 23. feb. 2022

Secondary Source / / 23. feb 2022


… The Truth Matters to US

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