Are we facing the beginning of a nuclear world war?

… The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has developed into a conflict in which the participation of the Western world is very close to creating the basis for the transition from a cold war to a hot war.

Here are our 5 working questions to answer whether we are facing the beginning of a nuclear war:

a) What could be decisive for a conflict between Russia and Ukraine to develop into a nuclear war involving Western countries?

b ) What could prevent NATO from becoming involved and could it be used as a means for peace negotiations.

c ) Is the Russian military ready for a third world war?

d ) Is the European Union fit and prepared for a third world war?

e) Is NATO, with its member countries and its military equipment and personnel, prepared for a third world war?

… our main questions to you, the reader, bearing in mind our five working questions – “a” to “e” – are as follows:

  • if no one is ready or willing to participate in a 3rd World War, it could be a sign – that we have learned enough from WWII and should therefore give peace a chance by taking the time to understand Russia’s and Ukraine’s reasons for being in opposition to each other – and thus the reasons for being in conflict, instead of condemning one country in favor of the other. That would, in professional terms, usually be interpreted as showing extreme passive aggressiveness, and it would certainly not help Russia or Ukraine get any closer to a peace agreement, but, in the worst case, might get the Western world involved in a 3rd world war … involving the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Is that what you want to happen, as a bystander, with possible personal involvement in a senseless and unnecessary war, best solved by government professionals and citizens around the world, choosing to work for peace, choosing to demonstrate for peace and negotiations, in front of your country’s parliament buildings.
  • Why is the choice of peace such a difficult choice to make as an alternative to war?

That’s our question to you – as a reader of today’s update – Mar 1, 2022 – from on our Facebook page.


Below you will find the articles we have selected, respecting our 5 mentioned working questions, as a means to understand the complex development situation surrounding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Articles that also show possible directions to leave this conflict.

You can read the articles and see the news reports in full, free of charge, by simply continuing to read on.

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0: Fox News host gives his summary and view of the US response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.


1: Russia’s attack on Ukraine leaves its close ally China in an awkward position – How to still support Putin while limiting reputational damage globally.

… “China is still considering which narrative to support” ,- quote Bloomberg News.

Primary Source: Bloomberg Markets and Finance / 28. feb 2022

Secondary Source: / 28. feb 2022


2: Why isn’t NATO fighting Russia?

… Indian army generals answer the above question!

For months, tens of thousands of US and NATO troops have been deployed along Ukraine’s western borders with the world’s most sophisticated war machine. Their leaders have issued thunderous threats to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Yet Russia has unleashed air power, tanks and 190 000 troops and has invaded Ukraine. Ukrainian civilians, reservists and troops are fighting a brave but unequal battle. Nearly 150 civilians, including children, have been killed in just under three days.  So where is NATO and why is it not helping the Ukrainians fight the Russians? In an exclusive interview with Padma Rao Sundarji for Times Online, India’s generals Ata Hasnain and Shokin Chauhan give their answers to this question.

Primary Source: Times of India / 28. feb 2022

Secondary Source: / 28. feb 2022


Supplementary information from

– When listening to the report from Times of India, you should have in mind, the relationship between Russia and India, can affect what can be said by the Times of India. If you are unfamiliar with the relationship between Russia and India, this link can provide you with more information regarding their relation:


3: What is the risk of nuclear war as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

– Russia’s nuclear forces have been put on high alert by President Vladimir Putin for a “special kind of combat duty”.

– The Kremlin said the move followed comments by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and others.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “unacceptable” remarks were being made about possible “clashes” between Nato and Moscow over Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

– The US immediately condemned the decision, calling it an “unacceptable escalation”.

Primary Source: BBC News / 28. feb 2022

Secondary Source: / 28. feb 2022


4: The Russian military is vastly superior to Ukraine, yet their troops are bogged down at the gates of Kyiv. How has Ukraine slowed down the Russian juggernaut? Will Putin step up his offensive to break the deadlock?

Primary Source: Wion News / 28. feb 2022

Secondary Source: / 28. feb 2022


5: Western media’s racist reporting on Ukrainian refugees.

…Western journalists have been criticised for their racism in reporting on the refugee crisis in Ukraine. While Arab refugees were shamed and arrested, Ukrainians are being given a red carpet welcome. Western journalists said they are “Europeans with blue eyes and blond hair”

Primary Source: Wion News / 28. feb 2022

Secondary Source: / 28. feb 2022


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