Can the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, be explained by actions other than Russia’s Own ?

We set out to investigate this further, to answer the above and main working question!

… As a reader, you can make your own decision as to whether our answer and conclusion to our main working question is one you can agree with us about, because we share several of our sources with you.


As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine unfolds, a steady stream of increasingly invalid information is impeding an overview. An overview that could reveal obvious possibilities for solutions, in the context of future peace negotiations.

The amount of deliberate misinformation is causing the conflict to escalate and lead to more and more violent actions and reactions between the two countries.

… Therefore, our working questions and sources we came across, are we sharing with you, giving you the option as our reader – to decide for yourself, what will be the right conclusion to make, when asking oneself, – Can the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, be explained by actions other than Russia’s own.

These are working questions and sources we found that brought us to our conclusion:


Working question A: What caused the conflict to escalate, if Russia is not the only one to blame for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

… It is often argued that countries that want to move to paying in currencies other than US Dollars – when settling oil trades, it is often argued in some political circles that this is the start of being blacklisted by the US, only to become involved in crises that inflict one’s country with conflicts and trade embargoes.

Our working question brought us to an interview with Noam Chomsky – The Ukraine crisis – from 26.feb 2022

– Avram Noam Chomsky – born December 7, 1928 – is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist. Sometimes called “the father of modern linguistics”.

– Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science. He is a Laureate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona and an Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and is the author of more than 150 books on topics such as linguistics, war, politics, and mass media.

– Ideologically, he aligns with anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian socialism.

And here is the interview with Noam Chomsky.

… therefore,‘s second working question, became the following:

Working question B: Does President Vladimir Putin see paying in an alternative currencies than US Dollars, being an interesting option for Russia, when trading oil?

Working question B, brought us to an interview with president Vladimir Putin, being interviewed by CNBC 18. okt 2021 – about Energy and paying in other currencies than US dollar.

Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks cryptocurrencies have value — but he’s not convinced they can replace the U.S. dollar in settling oil trades.

… In light of the severe economic sanctions now directed at Russia, would it be unfair for President Vladimir Putin to open up new opportunities for payment and trade with other payment systems than US dollars, given the impact that economic sanctions are having on individual Russians?

Moving away from the highest political level and closer to the individual Russian citizens experiences, with the sanctions in mind, now hitting Russia, how do they think about Russia’s political actions towards Ukraine

Working question C: Well, – let’s first look at how the sanctions affect the individual russian citizen. And in spite of these experiences, how do they think about the Russian “The Special Operations” targeted towards the Ukrainian citizen?

Overview of the questions used in the interview:

00:00 – Have you felt the sanctions?

02:30 – Thoughts on special operation?

With attention to the answers from working question C, we considered whether we got as honest answers as we wanted, with attention to the possible security risk each Russian felt by being critical about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

So, we searched once more, to see if we could find Russians living outside Russia, being willing to tell us, how they think and feel about Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

We were lucky to find an interview with expats, not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine.

So, our working question D, did become the following, –

Working question D. Find an interview with expats, not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine.

Overview of the questions used in the interview:

00:00 – Intro

01:22 – Are you able to follow Ukrainian or Russian news media?

02:36 – What was your immediate reaction?

03:41 – What’s your response to Russia refusing to call this a war or invasion?

06:25 – How have you personally or people you know been affected by this conflict?

10:21 – How is President Zelenskyy handling this conflict?

12:34 – What can our global audience do to help?

13:30 – Message to fellow citizens.

Many Western countries are now participating in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict by imposing economic sanctions on Russia.

Some Asian countries, including China, are not participating. This very reality, became the introduction to the working question, E, which can be seen below.

Working question E. Should the explanation for, say, China’s unwillingness to impose economic sanctions on Russia – be explained simply by the two countries’ current trade with each other, or do more nuanced explanations exist?

The working question E, led us to a short interview from the BBC, where the focus was – How has Asia reacted to the sanctions against Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine?

The responses were almost too polite and predictable, explained by the BBC’s position, as a national media channel that does not directly want to create a conflict with China. So the way forward, for more critical information, is often to ask the locals for in-depth answers. Which brought us to working question ‘F’.

Working question F. What does the individual Chinese think about the conflict Russia has with Ukraine and the sanctions now hitting Russia?

Overview of the questions used in the interview:

00:00 – Intro

01:02 – Reaction to Ukraine-Russia conflict

01:42 – How big is this news in China

02:21 – How is this news being reported in the Chinese media?

03:34 – Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

04:33 – Chinese government’s response

06:18 – Relationship between Russia and China

09:04 – What do you think about Putin?

11:12 – How likely do you think this situation will lead to WW3?

13:48 – Do you think something similar would happen between China and Taiwan?

15:55 – Message to Ukrainians!

With attention to our previous working questions, going from A to F, it has given us some answers that, seen through Russia’s eyes, create a basis for feeling and claiming that the Western countries have pushed Russia and their future into a critical corner, – which by Russia causes grounds for its own extraordinary actions, if their country is not to be pushed to its knees and collapse.

As leader of Russia, what means would one then use, with attention to the reflections of the above section, it became our last working question, – Working Question G.

Working question G: If you were the President of Russia and experiencing several Western countries, seeking to push your country to its knees and in the direction of a collapse, – what would be your obvious and perhaps necessary reactions.

With the above reaction from President Vladimir Putin in mind, and while also keeping in mind – that Russia has been accused of planning the use of biological weapons, – we thought – … “What if Ukraine really has facilities in Kiev capable of producing biological weapons, as Putin says in the media, what if that’s really true?”. We decided to investigate that subquestion further and came across facts that surprised us a lot!

Did the US build a cluster of shady, top- secret biolabs in Ukraine aimed at developing bioweapons that are equipped with aggressive strains of anthrax or the plague, as Russian propaganda claims?

Since the 1990s, Washington and Kiev have cooperated in preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and fighting the spread of dangerous diseases.

However, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a group of allegedly US-funded laboratories have become the subject of stepped-up and relentless conspiracy theories which the US is finding hard to debunk.

Are these theories just part of a “false flag” operation to cover up possible plans by the Russian army, to “use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine,” as White House press secretary Jen Psaki, wrote on Twitter?

A clue may be found on the website of the US Embassy in Kyiv. Buried on the site is a page which highlights the mission’s Defense Threat Reduction Office (DTRO).

UN Security Council to meet on bio weapons.

At the request of Russia, the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on 11 March 2022 on alleged manufacture of biological weapons in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Russia’s allegations in a video address on 10 March 2022, saying, “No one is developing any chemical or any other weapons of mass destruction” in Ukraine. In 2018, Moscow accused the United States of secretly conducting biological weapons experiments in a laboratory in Georgia, another former Soviet republic. The Security Council meeting Friday on “threats to international peace and security” is scheduled to begin at 1600 GMT.

In a list of 15 downloadable PDF documents, the embassy gives detailed information about 12 different laboratories and institutions which have, or are in the process of obtaining, a “permit to work with (non-specified) pathogens.”

… read the full article for free, from RTI, using this link:…/20220311-us-funded-biolabs-in…


Primary Source: RFI – Article by Jan Van der Made – 11/03/2022

Secondary Source: / 11/03/2022

Supplementary information:

1) RFI is a French news and current affairs public radio station that broadcasts worldwide in French and in 13 other languages*. RFI is broadcast on 156 different FM frequencies, via medium and short wave relays, on 30 different satellite signals throughout the world and also on the internet and dedicated apps. RFI is also broadcast across the globe via more than 1400 partner radios.

2) See short fact note for Journalist Jan van der Made, – using this link:


We were wondering why almost no media have covered the above identified fact, but found even though that Fox News had been doing the same research as RFI and us, – and this is how they covered the story:

__________‘s conclusion:


… The involvement of Western countries in the Russia-Ukraine crisis has initially given the Ukrainian president the perception that he had the Western countries at his back, but too late he learned, that what he had at his back was the wall of the Western countries and NATO. Ukraine has been lured into a war … even by the Western media.

… led by the Western media in their eagerness to be first with sensations and colourful pictures, but with a shameful lack of respect for the people of each country involved and for the lives of their citizens.

The proxy war that is in reality taking place between Russia and US, Nato, EU and now supported by fundings from even The World Bank – … has made the two countries involved – Russia and Ukraine – and the people of each country, the extras in an ideological showdown between Western ideologies and non-Western ideologies.

It is all too well carried out by several Western media and Western government leaders, who cannot escape the fact, that they knew what consequences their actions would have for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It is a shameful abuse of democratic principles and alleged respect for the UN’s proclaimed human rights.

Yours sincerely

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup

CEO for and Editor-of-chief for