Dear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, – there are many things – that one can say “WHAT” to !

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S)

The government in Denmark continues to demand that Danish mothers in Syrian refugee camps hand over their children and allow them to travel to Denmark.

The children have Danish citizenship, as they were born to mothers with Danish citizenship, but they are mothers who have joined the creation of an Islamic State.

The Danish children are trapped in refugee camps in Syria – in an everyday life with very critical living conditions.

As Prime Minister and government, it is still your position that the children will only come to Denmark, if their Danish Mothers will give them up and hand over their children to Danish authorities, who will then bring the children to Denmark from the refugee camps in Syria?

Last year, the Danish authorities evacuated 14 Danish children and three Danish women from camps in Syria.

Five children were left behind in Syria.

The government, are now planning an evacuation operation for five children with Danish citizenship who are in camps in Syria.

… The Danish mothers, they have left Denmark in their desire to be part of the ISIS fighters and their fight for Muslim values.

… “The parents have no legal residence in Denmark. They have joined a terrorist organization.”

… “It is a situation that the mothers have put themselves in, by joining Islamic State, which is one of the worst terrorist regimes this earth has seen”, says our Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod (S).

… “We have launched an evacuation operation and we are working at full speed”, – all this says our Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod.

Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod (S)

Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofoed (S), – he can’t say anything about the time horizon for the evacuation.

A new medical report describes the children’s health as deteriorating in three of the children.

… However, this does not change the fact that you – Mette Frederiksen, as Prime Minister, and a majority in the Danish Parliament, still do not want to bring the children’s mothers to Denmark.

Our Foreign Minister therefore appeals to the mothers,to let their children be evacuated and thus be repatriated to Denmark, while the children’s mothers are left behind in refugee camps in Syria.

… “Now they have an opportunity to let Denmark help their children. Therefore, I would appeal to these women to put their children’s health first for once”, – says our Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofoed.

According to the latest medical report, a four-year-old boy suffers from PTSD and ADHD. He is on antidepressants – which are not given to children in Denmark – and he is in underweight.

A three-year-old child has chronic diarrhoea and does not weigh enough.

The latest medical report was prepared by a doctor and a psychiatrist on behalf of the Danish authorities.

One wonders why, the Danish government, are of the opinion that children who already show clear signs of PTSD and other forms of stress-related illness, are children, who are not further critically affected by being almost ‘forcibly removed’ from their mothers. Mothers, who very well, have been these children’s only safe haven, for several years, in Syrian refugee camps.

At present, 5 children are to be repatriated to Denmark, without their mothers.

It can therefore be at most five mothers who are left behind in the Syrian refugee camps.

Our Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofoed, has therefore been asked the following question several times, – “Is it completely out of the question, that Denmark will evacuate the children and also take the mothers to Denmark”, – … and our Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofoed’s answer, is consistently the following, – “The mothers have citizenship in other countries, and therefore they cannot come to Denmark, because they have no residence permit. Their children do. And we can help them”.

… And our Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod, he can’t say anything about the time horizon for the evacuation.


It is thought-provoking that Denmark is preparing to receive over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, which is estimated to cost Denmark several billion Danish kroner.

The war in Ukraine thus has the potential to be the biggest and most exepensive refugee crisis to hit Denmark and the European continent in recent times.

Yet Denmark cannot take back 5 children and their mothers from Syrian refugee camps, because the mothers …

Dear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, – is it not – with the above information in mind, that your Danish well-known statement in our parliament – “WHAT” – is in its place, to be pronounced loud and clear again?

The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child and other related provisions require Denmark to make every effort to ensure that the safety and rights of the child are protected for the best interests of the child.

It is obviously not in the best interests of the children to have a mother … WHAT!

Much seems to indicate that the Danish government is more concerned with preventing the children’s mothers from coming home to Denmark than with saving the children’s lives … WHAT!

The argument for this, – The mothers have joined a terrorist state and therefore the mothers must give up their children … WHAT!

There seems to be a strange kind of double standard in the Danish government’s handling of refugees…WHAT!

Refugees – if they are from Afghanistan or Iraq, and choose to flee to Denmark, they experience very difficult conditions to integrate in Denmark, in terms of access to our school system and labour market … WHAT!

Ukrainian refugees, they are given upon their arrival in Denmark, quick access to our school system and labour market … WHAT!

The UN declarations of human rights do not distinguish between people in terms of colour or religious beliefs, but Denmark has done so … WHAT! are not the only ones who are aware of this kind of double standard from – not only politicians in Denmark, but also politicians in other European countries … WHAT!

Irish politician and MEP Clare Daly is also aware of the double standards of several Western countries’ politicians, prompting her to make the following statements in the European Parliament in April and March 2022.

… and Irish politician and MEP Clare Daly then focused on the lack of media coverage and political awareness of Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis.

Dear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, after you have seen the two videos above –, would greatly appreciate it if you as Prime Minister and your government, – would make the following consideration, – can we not do better, so that the international community – does not have the impression, that we in Denmark are taking revenge on people who think differently, who join international groups, with attitudes and values, which we do not find compatible with Danish values. A form of revenge that consists of us clearly documenting, by example, to mothers and fathers in Denmark – that if they consider joining … differently thinking international groups, if they then leave Denmark and leave Danish values, we will deprive them and their children of human rights. The very same UN human rights that we signed up to after the end of the Second World War.

Dear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, – don’t we need another WHAT, from your side, followed by, – “Denmark just doesn’t do that.


Yours sincerely

…The Truth Matters To Us !