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… Jay Wilde, a beef farmer who struggles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter

… 73 Cows is the story of Jay Wilde, a beef farmer who struggles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter.

Feeling trapped in an industry he no longer believes in, Jay knows he has to make a change and do what no other farmer from Britain has ever done before.


A stunningly breathtaking story of how a farmer recognises that all animals have feelings, including the cows he raises, and how he and the cows – in the process – make emotional connections and respect each other more and more, making the part of the process where slaughter becomes a reality – … that part of the process becomes unbearably painful for the farmer.

How the farmer reacts and deals with this pain, is very much what the film is about. And, you as a reader, can watch the above film absolutely free.

Yours sincerely


A special message to biologist Poul Evald Hansen in Denmark

Dear Biologist Poul Evald Hansen

We hope this film will be the start of you thinking about animals as emotional individuals who can relate to you and other animals emotionally, without you distinguishing between farm animals and pets and pests.

All animals, are entitled to respect for their species’ right to a dignified and caring life. This includes, for example, also people who are unemployed and thus do not bring economic value to a community. They must also be treated with dignity … and not used as forced labour when they nurture your interests and passions in life.

… can you see the similarity, in the way you relate to farm animals as well as unemployed people? It is as if you think they are put in life to serve you, without you taking a few minutes to think about whether they can have feelings, desires and passions in life – like you have, and why shouldn’t that be respected as well as yours?

Yours sincerely