Why we exist

Our Purpose:

  • The People Press, stands for Impact Communication, that initiates development, with respect for United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a vibrant, well-informed democracy.
  • Our journalistic style is therefore characterized by being critical and constructive journalism – for us meaning that we both describe critical conditions and seek to identify possible solutions and development paths to positive change.

As CEO & Chief Executive Editor Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup:

  • I believe people seek information, truth and empowerment.
  • I believe people want to put United Nations Human Rights Declaration above politics and in line with or above their country laws.
  • I believe we do our work as a newspaper best, by raising questions with boldness, hold to the truth and speak without fear.
  • I do not hide political colors between the lines, nor play by the rules established by either of the political parties or by any media and government relation.
  • I do not respect any legal system, in any country we operates as a digital newspaper, unless the country respects and has a legal system, that sets United Nations Human Rights Declaration above all legal operations that affects the citizens well being and life.
  • I – and people their work with me – will work, serve and respect UN Nations Human Rights Declaration when being a part of The People Press.

Our goal is to educate, empower, engage and entertain:

  • We are driven by our values represented by United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We believe only through mutual respect and dialogue can we grow and build for a peaceful future.
  • We take action by word and not violence.
  • We support small and medium-sized companies with their business development.
  • We make development and life restoration by word and not violence.

As an active participant of The People Press by MVmdcc.com:

  • We never treat our viewers or readers like idiots.
  • We respect their desire to be informed, so they can be useful and effective in the society as well as be well informed democratic citizens.
  • We are not interested in left and right.
  • We seek answers to right and wrong.
  • We are more than a media company.  We are a community, a gathering place, and a source for inspiration, debate & education.
  • We recognize that we can be wrong from time to time, but we’ll boldly correct our mistakes, learn from them, and come back even stronger.
  • You should feel proud being a part of The People Press by MVmdcc.com. And if you don’t you either are in the wrong community or we are not doing our job as we were intended to do.

As a reader or potential colleague at The People Press by MVmdcc.com:

  • We answer to you and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We will be very proud and pleased, if you sign up for The People Press news letter.
  • We would love to receive your feedback, your idea’s or even more important, your critical information to new articles, that raises question about critical issues of importance to many people, – but also suggest solutions to the critical issues we are addressing.
  • We will love to have you as a voluntary working colleague. If you can write articles and produce video’s, that matters to people at country level or at international level.

 Yours sincerely

Marucs Vigilius Brendstrup

Chief Executive Editor